Juventus boss Max Allegri wants to replace Wenger this summer

That was the big news of weekend.


Allegri has apparently told friends he will come to Arsenal if Wenger goes at the end of the season

If Allegri was managing Arsenal they wouldn’t lose at home to Monaco by 3-1 and they wouldn’t get stuffed 5-1 by Bayern Munich next season or any season

Allegri would love working with Maitland-Niles, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan.

AMN was in Rolls Royce mode in Arsenal’s 3-0 win over Watford.

Mkhitaryan dribbles with his head up, like Alan Hudson, seeing everything, measuring everything.

Playing with Auba, that pair are as valuable as three players. When the Armenian played his mate in, he skipped past the keeper and slotted nicely.

Aubameyang’s somersault was as tidy as his finish. I

Arsenal, a sleeping giant since 2004, has been overtaken by Spurs.

Last Saturday, Brighton beat Arsenal 2-1.

Yesterday Bourmemouth were stuffed 4-1 by Spurs.

When Harry Kane went off with an ankle injury, Pochettino went to a 4-3-3 with Lamela and Dele Alli switching around to support Son and Eriksen deep in centremid.

Son has scored 18 goals this season and notched 9 assists. I love players who produce regularly.

The rugged Kane will have a scan today and might  be out for a few weeks. But his absence will not the trauma it would have been last season.

What about Arsenal’s future?

The club has missed so many world class managers!

Guardiola wanted to come. He was waiting for the call.

Klopp teaches exciting football and so does Pochettino.

On the Sky’s Sunday Supplement, John Cross said the club will make a change at the end of the season. 

There were thousands of empty seats at the Watford game, again.

Those fans don’t like being so far behind Spurs and they don’t like Thursday night football.

After 30 games, Spurs are third with 61 points.

Liverpool have 60 and Chelsea 56.

Arsenal have 48 points, five more than Burnley.

Pochettino’s wage bill is far less than Arsenal’s but he’s won four more games.

PS. In the Champions League, Spurs are learning quicker than Arsenal did.

They lost 4-3 on aggregate to Juventus but it was close. It was very close. Don’t let anybody tell you it wasn’t close.

I think Spurs will play Juventus again two years from now.

That will be interesting.