Quincy Jones turned down Marilyn Monroe and Malcolm X was his dealer

We have a new girl at my Tuesday pilates class.

She’s young, sharp and super nice to the old beatnik.

And really into boxing.

But she wasn’t there last week as 20 of us were waiting outside the swing doors for the early class to finish. And I didn’t  notice she wasn’t there.

So we all charge in and I grab a mat at the front, realise I need a drink, skip back to the water fountain in the back corner of the studio.

As I turn round, she’s there, leaning against the glass wall of the atrium, bending down to pull her shoe on. She’s done the early class.

No time to talk, so I lean down and say :

“Go to Google, put in GQ Quincy Jones.The best interview I’ve ever read.”

And she said, “I’ll read it this morning.”