Arsenal v AC Milan? Their team was far better in the Allegri years

I don’t remember writing this in 2012.


Allegri,44,should be on Gazidis shortlist


But Wenger runs Arsenal.

He earns more than four times as much the “CEO” who works under him.

After Hill-Wood said for years that Wenger has a job for life, Kroenke now confirms that the French dictator will choose his own time to go.

He’ll never be sacked.

Still, Massimiliano Allegri is a top man and I’m keen to know more about him.

What I’ve seen so far, I like.

Italian champions in 2011 and Serie A leaders right now.Dismantled Arsenal in the first leg and won 4-0.

And I like what I’ve heard from Allegri too.

He says you need big players and leadership.

“For me it’s impossible to win the title or Champions League without signing big players. You will never do it without big players. I have a strong team but in that I have three big players, bringing experience, character, technical ability and leadership.

“You need leaders. For me in every team there are two leaders. One technical and tactical leader and one with character. In Milan our technical leader is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In terms of character, until last year, it was Reno Gattuso. Now Mark Van Bommel or Thiago Silva.”

Allegri disapproves of Arsenal’s selling strategy.

“It’s not fair to criticise Wenger so much and it is not right, because every year Arsenal sell one big player or two big players and the team still manage to play well and finish in the top four.

“But it’s also true that if they want to win trophies they have to keep their best players. And make two or three big signings. If somebody told me this summer we have to sell Zlatan and Kevin Prince Boateng I would say no. No. “