Mourinho at it again/good stats/ Leicester v Arsenal


Without mentioning him by name, Mourinho had a real go at Wenger in his Friday press conference.

In response to a question about pressure, he said there was only one manager in the PL NOT under pressure, despite results.

Asked about the ref, he had no comment, saying there is only one manager who can talk about refs before and after a game.

He noted that there is only one manager can push another manager in the technical area and get away with it.

Tomorrow, when Saturday comes, we’ll have some actual games.

Leicester are playing Arsenal in the 4th v 5th game.

Ramieri’s energetic outfit play a brisk and breezy attacking style.

Leicester are doing what Liverpool only pretend to do.

When Liverpool almost won the title, it was 70% Luis Suarez.

A great season by an electric competitor who lifted the squad and the Kop by being on fire for 95 minutes in every game and scoring 31 goals in 33 PL games to fully deserve the Footballer of the Year award AND the PFA Player of the Year.

Ever since Rodgers put Stevie G on the bench for the Real Madrid game, he’s been a dead man walking.

Some very good Telegraph stats have summarised the six games each club has played so far.

The most efficient goalscorers in the League are West Ham, the least efficient are Arsenal.

On chance conversion the top and bottom three are listed.

I’m not a stats man but have to admit this data is revealing.


West Ham 28.89%

Leicester 21.31%

Man Utd 19.57%


Spurs 7.58%

Liverpool 6.78%

Arsenal 6.10%

However, I’m digressing from the Leicester-Arsenal match.

While Jamie Vardy is an enegetic scrubber, he’s one  of four PL players to score four goals so far. So Vardy must be doing something right.

Wide right attacker Riyard Mahrez, with five goals so far, has a bit more class than Vardy. He ‘s 24 and has played 18 games for Algeria but he’s not a world-beater.

In a sensible match, Mahrez should not worry an experienced Arsenal team too much.