Maxi Romero to Arsenal? Nasri to Juventus?

Do I love transfer speculation?

No. Because most of it is boring and silly.

Teenager Maxi Romero is close to signing for Arsenal? But will stay at Velez Sarsfield?

Young Maxi could be the next Lionel Messi? Rubbish!

Messi is a one-off, just as Cassius Clay was a one-off, and Elvis & Bob Dylan.

Man City want to unload Nasri to Juventus and get Pogba in return?

Pigs will fly in 4-3-3 formation before that happens.

Citeh want to sign Jack Wilshere? I wish!

In April, I stick to the football. The matches are what count in football. When the matches end, I look at transfer garbage and try to make sense of it.

Of course, if I’ve got a story that I believe, from a source I trust, I’ll post it.

The only Juventus story I’m interested is next week’s game.

Juventus play Monaco on Tuesday.

PSG v Barcelona is on Wednesday.

Porto v Bayern might be closer than we think.