Petr Cech/Arsenal goalkeepers

From Sanjay (First Class Gooner) :Cech and Arsenal GKs

Nice piece on a legend of football, Petr Cech.

Cech would be a world class signing right now, much like Xabi Alonso would have been last summer. Experienced professional winners in the twilight years of their careers. Everything to gain with little to lose.

My joy at Arsenal signing Cech would be bittersweet, as it would be 11 years too late.

Back in 2004, Arsenal were the best team in the country. Arsenal needed a goalkeeper. It was as painfully obvious as always is with our football club. Petr Cech was the brightest goalkeeping talent of that generation and the obvious choice. It was a match made in heaven, and he was available for only £7 million.

Many adore Arsene for his frugal and seemingly shrewd signings throughout our 10 year barren run. I cannot forgive him for letting Almunia be in our squad for 7 seasons, and rack up 175 appearances for Arsenal Football Club.

History is repeating itself. In 2012, with a squad bereft of leadership and quality, we allowed our local rivals to sign French Captain and highly rated goalkeeper Hugo Lloris. Once again, there was a need, a clear solution, an Arsene rejection/misplaced show of faith and a persisting problem 3 seasons later.

Arsenal fans who are honest with themselves will realise you don’t win the league with Ospina or Szczesny in between your posts.

 From Stuart Laws : AFC keepers 

You need to be a big character to keep goals for the Arsenal.

I think the Pole we are left with knows that, and tries to big himself up. You have to have a special  arrogance, unlike an outfield player, as that’s instinctive, you can fuel it with passion, a keeper has to stand tall and know he is the best in the world and is impassable – Jens, Seaman, Bob Wilson were all that in different ways.

Wilson took Seaman to a higher plane – was disappointed the ponytail didn’t give something back.

A good GK coach has to get in their heads, not just coach them to bounce back up.

From Isaac Daramola : Cech 

Hi Myles

I can’t see how Chelsea will watch him go across London to strengthen a rival.

It’s just something they don’t do, especially when they know it is likely to move Arsenal closer to winning the league next season.

Just by any chance, do you have any intel about Arsenal talking to him?

If Cech was the only signing made by Arsenal this summer, it would be bigger than the sum of all the “prospects” we tend to pick up for development.

You are right. A big club like Arsenal should NOT be developing goalies.

Myles says :

I think Arsenal ARE talking to him.

And signing Christophe might turn out to be more significant than signing Petr.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Strong characters like those two could help create a winning culture after Wenger’s gone.

But that might be the reason Wenger won’t sign them.

This dictator never hires people who can theaten him. He isn’t big enough to do that.

His main concern isn’t to win trophies. His priority, in my opinion, is to keep his job and power.

He’s been much better as a club-builder than a team-builder.