Will Wenger sign Rabiot for £15m ?

What makes Adrien Rabiot special?

He is very quick and nimble for a guy of six foot two.

Will Arsenal sign this talented 20-year-old from Paris Saint-Germain?

Could Wenger, an intense patriot, toughen up Adrien Rabiot in time for Euro 2016?

Or do we reckon Euro 2016 comes two years too soon for him?

Maybe. But the lad could certainly benefit from being in the France squad and making a couple of cameos.

Rabiot is long-haired middle-class boy who might be starting a big career.

He’s tall and fast, an elegant playmaker with a range of passes. He does eye-catching things.

In a way, he’s a bit like James Rodriguez,  more of a Real Madrid player than an Arsenal player.

But if I’m right about that, and if he develops, Rabiot can go to Madrid for £50m in 2021.

I reckon Wenger can persuade Rabiot’s Mum than Arsenal’s style of play will suit her gifted son more than the style of any other Premier League team.

So Rabiot could train with Ozil and Sanchez, learn things, then play in the Premier League and learn even more.

It’s all about the team’s style.

Doubt if Rabiot could happily play now for another Premier League club and fit in quickly.

PS If Arsenal sign striker Nolito from Celta Vigo, I’ll tell you what I think of Nolito.