Think before posting, Myles/ John Radford

From Linus :

Sometimes you need to take a deep breath and think before you post.

Let me get this right!? Arsenal were without 5 or 6 players through injury and Spur had a full squad (except Chadli) and yet Spurs were not able to beat us!? In the Silly Cup game at WHL they couldn’t beat us as well!? They are 5 points behind and yet MP is far tactically superior than AW!? Am I missing something here!?

Citeh with all their riches couldn’t beat the team at the bottom of the table!? Imagine if Citeh had drawn with Spurs and Arsenal had drawn with Villa? I am sure you would have posted the same drivel.

I do remember you saying Spurs would batter Arsenal by 3 goals!? Pity that didn’t turn out to be the case.

The league is open and anyone can win it this season. (even United)

Citeh are not exactly running away with it as many of you will have us believing. And by the way if Arsenal are a farce then Chelsea are what!?

Like I said, sometimes you need to wait 10 more seconds and think before you post.

Myles says:

I usually think but not always.

I never said Spurs would win by 3 goals

Football fans often blog when they’re in a hurry/not in a good mood.

I do anyway.

From Matt Emerson:

 Hi Myles
Good game – despite being an Arsenal fan I’m really pleased Kane is proving he’s not a one season wonder. And whilst Giroud v Vertonghen was handbags, nothing comes close to this in terms of sheer silliness from two grown men.
Oh, and it was Johnny Radford – Peter was the sprinter.

Myles says:

I was thinking Ray Kennedy and John Radford.
Haven’t thought about Peter Radford in 20 years.
I love Jens Lehmann almost as much as I love Didier Drogba, so it’s bizarre to be reminded of that ridiculous cabaret.