Alexis Sanchez should be in Barbados now!

Sanchez returned early.

He returned to Arsenal training before the date he had been given.

After carrying Chile on his back! The whole country, not just the football team.

After winning the Copa America for the first time in 101 years of trying.

That’s because Alexis Sanchez  is an humble warrior loyal to the organisation that pays his wages

Three weeks ago I was screaming, “Look at him! He’s playing like a zombie. I don’t recognise the guy. He should be in Barbados now. Antigua. Goldeneye.”

Today my old mate John Cross tells me in The Mirror that Wenger’s gonna give his best player a holiday before the Christmas games.

At least 40,000 Arsenal fans that could see Sanchez was running on empty

The fans didn’t need the data on his kilometres per game or his pass completion or his touch map.

Stevie Wonder could have seen how exhausted and stale Sanchez was.

It’s not a team game any more. It’s a squad game.

SAS says : he who dares wins.

EPL says : he who rotates wins.

OK, Chelsea didn’t rotate and became champions. But they burned out the starting eleven – and look at them now.