After Wembley, I asked Philip to send me a selfie

From Philip Swords

Hi Myles,

Just arrived home from the most amazing trip, what a game of football! Collectively we went through a roller-coaster of emotions, often wondering why Arsenal have to make it so hard for themselves, only starting to play after we went two nil down!

We kept going however and the atmosphere was absolutely electric in Wembley. The pure ecstasy, elation and relief when Aaron Ramsey scored the winning goal was indescribable, everyone embracing like we were family, in some sense we were, we were all part of a collective Gunners family.

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Jim and yourself for making this memory possible for my dad, brother and I, it is one that we will cherish forever!

We went to Islington after the game, soaking up the party atmosphere.

The chant “two-nil down, three-two up, Aaron Ramsey won the Cup, with a nick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone, Aaron Ramsey poked it home!” being sung long into the night.

I count myself very lucky to have been at the match and witness Arsenal end the nine years of hurt – I know a lot of gunners weren’t so lucky.

We are going to get the picture of the three of us framed along with our tickets to hang in our sitting room beside a signed Vieira shirt.

Thanks again for all your help.

Al the best, Phil


I’ve attached a picture of my dad and I with the ‘magical’ ticket and a second one of the three of us.

Myles says:

I asked the Dublin Gooner, who got a Wembley ticket for his dad from an ANR reader, to send me a selfie.

Then I forgot that I’d asked Philip Swords to do that.

On the photos, I’d say two things, Phil.

One, I love to see people having a good time because it’s almost as much fun as having a good time myself.

Two, you’re lucky to have such a good-looking father.

OK, both sons are taller but he’s more handsome than either of you.

Three, I’ve printed the trio pic out in black & white and put it on the cork board in my office, where I pin up stuff I don’t want to lose.

The Swords men are held there by a dart.


26th May 2014