Who was the last good English football manager?

From Andy Scarlett: Early International Break question

Are there any top English managers anymore?

Hi Myles,

OK I know it’s a global game and it may be fashionable to go foreign but are there still any English managers who you or your readers would class as top level?

I am struggling to think of the last one that managed a top Prem club in this Country to any success.
Also what about in the Champions League or managing a top foreign side?

Shakespeare did ok for a bit at Leicester but I am on about sustained success.

I get Dyche is getting the plaudits at Burnley right now & Chris Hughton is doing well on the South coast but could they or any English manager do it at a top club?

I know there have been some great British Managers but it is the EPL so wanted to focus on home countrymen. Southgate got the National job after achieving very little.

Is there just a dearth of talent or is it more down to lack of opportunity?
Who also in your opinion was the last top level English Manager??
Please don’t say Big Sam!! ?

I thought Hoddle was decent but must we really journey so far back to the likes of Venables, Bobby Robson or Cloughie?

Has a situation developed where English Managers need to learn from their foreign counterparts in a similar manner to what was suggested with the players?

Myles says: 

There are almost no English coaches.

Unlikely to be many in the future either.

But my eight years with Bobby Robson at Wembley was a lot of fun.

Bobby was patriotic, passionate, genuine and always helpful,even when I called him unexpectedly in Portugal.

I liked him far more than any manager since 

Bobby was a really great guy and by far the best England manager since Alf Ramsey.

He worked very well with Don Howe, his coach and very close friend.

Brian Clough? A charismatic genius.

Did Nottingham Forest ever lose to the Germans?