Wenger will sign his two-year contract after Arsenal beat Palace 1-0

Watch this space.

The dictator will soon sign his new two-year contract.

Probably after Arsenal beat Crystal Palace by 1-0 or 2-1 on Sunday.

After that, perhaps another two-year contract. Or maybe a rolling one-year contract.

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas and control-freaks don’t delegate or step down.

They tend to say, as your superior French leader did, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Myself, I wish for a manager with ballsy recruitment.

Someone who doesn’t dither. Someone who wouldn’t hugely overpay for Xhaka. Someone who would admit his mistakes.

Arsenal don’t need a genius, just a coach who can win the Premier League.

Your favourite team beat the ultra-defensive West Brom 1-0.

Giroud started his first Premier League game of the season but 86 minutes had been played before the 6 foot 5 inch centre forward headed in a sublime left-footed cross from Ozil on the right flank.

Arsenal won the game with five minutes of brilliance near the end.

Alexis Sanchez had shots saved and shots wide and shots blocked and also hit the post just afdterr half-time

There were thousands of empty seats, as Dan Ferguson had predicted.

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