Wenger MUST be replaced and this is the perfect time to change

From James LeBlanc :

Hi Myles,

I signed the petition but it’s deflating to see just over 2,000 signatures after a week has passed.

The lack of belligerent visibly audible protest continues to assist in Wenger staying.

I did comment on my signature as follows :

It is absurd that Wenger can believe he deserves to continue in the job. Transparent pundits with anti Arsenal agenda such as Gary Neville pathetically spout nonsense that Wenger should determine the date of his exit. I think approx £100m pay is more than enough gratitude!

This is the perfect moment for change. It makes no sense to give Wenger 1 or 2 more years. If in the hugely unlikely scenario during that time we won the Premier League & or Champions League the next manager has the difficult task of trying to emulate that as did Ferguson’s successors at Man United. Better a refreshing change of an energised new man aiming highest is now needed.

The tired statement ‘be careful what you wish for’ does not justify continuing with what clearly is not working anymore.