Wenger is a tracksuit businessman with a stopwatch & whistle

From John Froud :

Hi Myles,

This is the amount awarded at the end of last season to the top six.

Not sure why ManU got a bit more but the main point of interest is that the champions only received £10.4m more than Arsenal.

1st – CHELSEA £38m + £30.4m £152.8m (1st)
2nd – TOTTENHAM £36.1m + £27.6m £148.1m (Equal 4th)
3rd – MAN CITY £34.2m + £30.4 £149m (2nd)
4th – LIVERPOOL £32.3m + £31.4 £148.1m (Equal 4th)
5th – ARSENAL £30.4m + £27.6m £142.4m (6th)
6th – MAN UNITED £28.5m + £30.4m £143.3m (5th)

We are also told that missing out on the CL costs around £30m which AW more or less recovered in the transfer market. Given these facts it’s hardly surprising that an owner such as Kroenke who has zero interest in trophies will not invest the £200-300m that is required to become an elite team and win the Prem or CL. You have to have ambition beyond profitability in order to plow massive amounts of cash into a sports team. Stan never has and never will do it. So long as he is the majority share owner we’re screwed.

He’s also going to benefit from the alienation of long term fans and the increase in tourist traffic. As discussed on your blog previously, a Japanese or Scandinavian group on a once in a life time visit to the Emirates will likely buy half the contents of the club shop.

I’ve been going on a regular basis for 40 years and I’ve never spent a penny on the crap merchandise on offer. They only get my measly season ticket money and the odd tenner for a crappy burger when I’m totally desperate to eat.

We all saw the disparity again against Citeh yesterday. We experienced the childish AW spiel re Sterling (not) diving and the usual excuses. It’s all a load of BS.

We’ve got AW until he dies and SK and his family until we die. Might as well give up now.

If it wasn’t for the fact I like meeting up with my mates and having pre-match beers I would.

Take care.

Myles says :

Thanks, John.

It looks as if another 5th place will still be very profitable.

Trouble is that you’ve suffered a lot, mate.

You feel this deeply because you’re a real Gooner who has shared a lot of experiences and feelings with other Gooners.

What has happened has damaged you. That’s why you’ve written this.

Of course Wenger would blame Raheem for diving.

He is the King of Denial and an incorrigible exponent of BSE.

Blame Somebody Else.

But he can’t get away with that much longer.

The clock is ticking and his departure will be ugly & acrimonious.

Platini said: “Wenger’s just a businessman now.”

And George Graham says there is no board at Arsenal.