Stan Kroenke now has 28.3% of Ar$enal

Exciting news!

Arsenal is moving forward.

$tan Kroenke has bought another 7.8%

So he now has 28.3% of Ar$enal.

This was announced AFTER the closing of the markets today (Friday, May 1st).

Stan hasn’t paid Danny for his shares yet. And he hasn’t paid for the Carr’s shares yet either.

Told you he was smart, didn’t I ?

Arsenal could now become the club I want to see 

By 2011, Arsenal FC could be well on the way to becoming the Manchester United of the South. Which is what I have been ranting on about for years. At the moment it is a seriously under-achieving football club.

As Ivan Gazidis has recently said, fourth isn’t good enough!

The club announced that Stan has acquired 4,839 ordinary shares in the Company from members of the Carr family, including Richard Carr, a Director of Arsenal Football Club plc. The shares were acquired at prices of £8,500 per share and £10,500 per share.

As a result of the acquisition, Stan Kroenke has a beneficial interest in, and controls voting rights over 17,613 ordinary shares. Which is 28.3% of the Company’s issued ordinary shares.

Richard Carr will continue on as a director of AFC.