Rocking night at 89 premiere and lovely to meet George again

Last night was good fun.

Holloway Road Odeon, premiere of 89, the new documentary about the Arsenal season that ended in glory when Mickey Thomas scored that very late goal at Anfield.

When I saw George being interviewed by Sky, and asked about Wenger, I edged closer and listened to what he was saying.

He was very measured and diplomatic and said Arsene is the best manager the club’s ever had. Then I shook his hand and we had a chat. He said, “They asked me to watch the film on my own but I said : No way! I don’t like watching myself.”

Nigel Bidmead had threatened to interview me for BBC Radio London Sports News. He didn’t do that but this morning he sent pics of me talking to George. Thanks, Nige.

The Q&A, with George, Tony, Mickey, Amy and Lee, was hosted onstage by comedian Alan Davies, who asked the manager a question that got a laugh.

Davies: “How the hell did you balls it up against Wimbledon and Derby?”

Graham: “That was done on purpose, so we could get the finale at Anfield.”

I remember those disappointments close to the end of the season, and how some hacks were convinced it was the little guys, like Danny Wallace and Dean Saunders, who always gave Arsenal problems.

89 is a very good film but I won’t describe the contents because I don’t wanna spoil it for you. It’s compelling, it’s exciting and, at times, very funny.

It’s a DVD you will want to watch many times.

Everybody looked older last night, of course. As I do.

But not Paul Davis, who still looks 40.

Lovely to see Philippe Auclair, Amy Lawrence, John Cross and Amanda Goonergirl. When John came past my aisle seat just before the Q&A started, I said, “I told Amy you didn’t recognise me!”

He laughed and said, “I honestly didn’t.”

Verdict : The star of the film is George Graham.

Overall, a very slick event, smoothly run by the Organic team of film publicists. I’d feared the Q&A would be too long but it wasn’t.

The doc tells the story of that day, and the season, very well.

PS :  Film will be in cinemas from 11th November.

And will be on DVD and digital download from 20th November.

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