Raheem Sterling plays but Giroud should fire Arsenal up to 2nd place

Brendan Rodgers needs a draw to keep Liverpool’s season alive.

But Rodgers has built a high-tempo energy team, not a tactical defensive team.

So I think Liverpool are ill-equipped to grind out a draw at lunchtime today.

Giroud is playing much better than Sturridge and Liverpool will miss Skrtel at both ends.

Skrtel’s scored 4 goals against Arsenal.

Raheem Sterling hates playing wide. He wants to play up front. He should never be used as a right wing-back, even if Liverpool are down to 10 men.

The full stupidity of Stevie G’s red card against Manchester United will be seen today.

With Skrtel out, Liverpool really needed a leader in a very difficult away game.

Anybody can slip once in a game, and let Demba Ba run away and win the title for Chelsea..

But a proper living legend should never come on at half-time and do something as improper as stamp on Herrera’s leg within 38 seconds.

Alexis Sanchez, Arsenal’s best player, was kicked black and blue by Dunga’s Brazil, and had looked a bit burned-out before that.

Arsenal should go second tonight, with Manchester City not playing until they go to Palace on Monday.

It will be interesting to see where Raheem Sterling plays, and how he plays, after all the negative publicity of the last two weeks.

He’s 20 and on £35,000 a week and has turned down £100,000 a week and has two years left on his contract.

Jamie Carragher is worried that Philippe Coutinho’s recent five-year deal was £70,000 a week.