Part 2 :Post-match thoughts: Are the Arsenal players losing intentionally?

From Ben:

Something is definitely happening behind closed doors….

Of course the squad is unsettled by the on-going player-contract issues, but look at the other evidence:

1. Gabriel sold, even though he was a useful squad player

2. Mustafi maybe sold, but we just bought him for £35m last season, and with Gabriel gone, we kind of need to keep our defenders.

3. Walcott getting zero attention – I’m not his biggest fan, but he’s being overlooked. Why? Something doesn’t feel right about this.

4. Kolasinac and Lacazette were subs today. Again, why?

5. Oxlade-Chamberlain is clearly being accommodated at the team’s expense. Evidence: AW playing Bellerin out of position just to get Ox into the team. Again, something doesn’t feel right about this.

6. BAFFLING team selections in all 3 matches – players out of positions, Welbeck up starting front (wtf?),two new signings on the bench, playing left-backs at center back, etc.

7. No ambition in the transfer market, means this is basically the same squad that finished 5th last season, despite having a ton of money to spend. Great.

It seems Wenger has somehow lost the dressing room.

You don’t get that kind of pathetic performance matched with the above listed seven points without something drastic going on.

Our losses and performances run much deeper than the match itself. Something is very dodgy at the moment, but what?

Today was much worse than:

Man Utd: 6-1
Man Utd: 8-2
Chelsea: 6-0
Liverpool: 5-1

I have never felt this furious at Arsenal nor AW.

Today was preventable, whereas the four matches above were more predictable. There were zero excuses for not being able to show up at Anfield today. None.

This eerily reminds me of Chelsea in 2015. That Chelsea team clearly had the intention of getting Mourinho sacked (reasons I still don’t think have ever been articulated), and I won’t go that far with Arsenal’s 2017 squad – not yet anyway – but it has that feeling.

Arsene Wenger owes the fans an apology today, and he better deliver it.

It’s okay to lose when you have given 100%, but today we just didn’t give a single damn. Shambolic all around.

We deserve an apology for whatever that was that we just watched.

Myles  says: 

I agree that the team was not playing to get Wenger the sack.

These muppets don’t have the balls to do that.

King Wenger does not employ leaders because one might challenge him.

Let’s bring Fabregas back as player-manager.