Lauren,Lehmann, Vieira and The Invincibles documentary

Still haven’t seen The Invincibles doc.

But thanks for all your emails, which included:

From Quartz Gooner : The Invincibles

Hi Myles,

How are you?

I went to the preview screening of  The Invincibles, an hour documentary to be screened on Sky Wednesday night after the Monaco game.

Well worth setting the Skybox to record it.

Not going to reveal loads of spoilers, but the players’ desire to win shone through. Five of the team are interviewed, plus Arsene Wenger. Also apparent is their intelligence, focus and steely determination.

Training nowadays has been subject to much blog speculation; is it physically intense, is it too much focussed on short passing, not enough on tackling?

But Thierry Henry leaves one in no doubt that turning up to training in the morning with ultra competitive strongmen like Keown, Campbell and Lauren “You better be ready because they are not going to stop to wake you up!”

Star of the show is Jens…enjoyed his anecdotes.

And I really hope the current squad watch it too, though Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain already has, he was in the audience, as was a thankfully healthy looking Pat Rice, a dapper Philippe Auclair and Super-Middleweight James DeGale, who looked lean and hungry contrary to his “Chunky” nickname.

From James Freestone : Nostalgic for The Invincibles


A quick one to say I was in nostalgic mood over Christmas and read Amy Lawrence’s book Invincibles.

It was fantastic to gain insight in to the minds of the players and manager.
It would be really nice to see a team that would stand up and fight for one another again.

Listening to The Tuesday Club podcast, Alan Davies mentioned that out of the current playing squad only The Ox attended the screening of the Documentary on the Invincibles.

That’s a pathetic turn out from my point of view. Any Arsenal player should want to learn the history of the club and understand what it means to represent the club. It’s a pity that not more players have shown the commitment and attitude of The Ox this season.

This current squad need to take a lesson in attitude from what the Invincibles brought together as a squad.
I wonder if Wenger is thinking back to those days and comments “I’d swap Ozil for Ray Parlour in an instant”.

From Max Lewis: Invincible Wenger

Hi Myles,

I was at the game last night and it was awful. It felt clear from 10 minutes in that the night would be a struggle to endure.

Luckily, I live close enough to the Emirates that I was home in time to watch the Invincibles documentary, featuring the likes of Keown, Lehmann, Campbell, Henry and of course, Arsene.

Travelling back to that period made me forget about the game I’d just watched but also highlighted so clearly what is wrong with the squad today.

Have you seen it? The way the players talk about the famous game at Old Trafford when RVN missed the penalty is unmissable. They loved the fight that each one of them showed, they cared – Lehmann in particular, new to the club, talks about what this showed him about the team.

Even Wenger seemed to see the importance of that side of the team.
What changed?

Myles says:

I wrote a helluva lot about that team at the time.

Planning to watch the doc at the end of the season.

I’m pretty sure it’s still on my Skybox.

This week is one without football and therefore a chance to do some difficult chronological work on the rock memoir.

Tickets stubs without the year on them are very annoying.

Because not everything is on Google.

Why did I keep my ticket stubs?

In case I decided to create, at some time in the future, a collage of highlighting the 20 most exciting gigs I ever saw or reviewed.

This morning I looked in my ANR inbox for something and could not find it but saw this Invincibles stuff that I should have read and posted four weeks ago.