Ivan Gazidis and Arsenal board now united behind one candidate

It is unanimous.

The board all want one man.

Their choice is Max Allegri, who has been the Juventus coach since 2014.

Before taking over Italy’s biggest club, Allegri coached AC Milan for four years and Cagliari for two  seasons before that.

The biggest mistake Arsenal can make is to not give Allegri enough power. They need to tell him the budget and bring him into the recruitment process ASAP.

Even though Allegri has never played or managed in England, he can improve Arsenal’s defence and mentality within months. The club must not restrict the remit of the new manager, as Chelsea did so disastrously with Antonio Conte.

I‘m told Allegri’s English has improved in the last two years.

Wenger was told by the board last season that his contract was not being renewed, so he spoke to Stan, who instructed the board to give him a new two-year contract.  As I have suggested several times on ANR, Gazidis, was always vulnerable to Wenger phoning Stan behind his back.

The ‘resignation’ was announced because the story of his departure  was about to be leaked. Wenger has asked that his successor is not announced until the end of the season, even if a contract has been agreed and signed.

Josh Kroenke has been heavily involved in the battle between Gazidis and Wenger and the process of replacing him.  Josh and Ivan are on the same page now.

After years of blood, sweat and tears, Ivan Gazidis is in charge at last.

He can finally call himself a Chief Executive. Until now he has been a managing director working under Wenger.

There was no consensus for Luis Enrique.

If Allegri doesn’t come they will revisit Vieira and Arteta.

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