Ginger Baker and Twiggy came from Neasden

In 2017 Miran and I had a rocking night out at a preview of Beware Mr Baker at the Hospital Club.

We both know Neasden because we live quite near there and I once met Twiggy and that was big fun. What a girl!

The 100-minute feature documentary by Jay Bulger is  powerful, imaginative, candid, exciting and, by the end, very poignant .

It uses animation is a clever way to illustrate some of the action in a compelling story that needed to be told before it was too late.

Ginger’s wartime childhood explains a lot and we’re told about his first meeting with Phil Seaman, a junkie. It’s all here: the Graham Bond Organisation, the ultra-expensive tour by Airforce, living in Hawaii and Nigeria, playing with Fela Kuti in Lagos, playing polo, his love of horses and dogs.

And a lot of wreckage

I hope under-40s & twentysomethings have the sense to check out a savagely truthful and informative film about the greatest drummer ever to play in a rock group. The music is magnificent.

Cream’s riff-songs were sophisticated as well as very ballsy and the music rocks even more dramatically today than it did in 1966-68.

Blind Faith and Richie Havens in Hyde Park gave me one of the best days of my life.

When we wandered in early for the 9pm screening . we had a choice of all the 120 seats and we sat down in row 3 and stretched our long legs

Then two guys came in and sat next to us on my left and we chatted to them. John, a nicely ebullient big guy, amiably noted that I was sitting where he always sits. He said he sits there because he’d built this cinema.

His friend was Pete van Hooke, so I said I’d met Pete at Knebworth when he played with Van Morrison, with Jerome Rimson on bass and Pete Wingfield on piano.

We talked about Van, Tanita Tikaram, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox, and when the film was about to start  John said, “Move up one”, so Miran moved along and I then sat in Miran’s seat,  so that John could sit in his usual seat in the cinema he’d built

When the doc finished we were all buzzing and glad we had been here together.

Good fun. A rocking night out and what a bonus to meet two guys on our wavelength.