Gerd Muller’s restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

From Andy Pinker 

Hi Myles,

I moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida in 1984 and at that time Gerd owned a German restaurant called “The Ambry”.

My mate’s sister worked there, and I played football with him/against him a few times. He wasn’t fit but could still score a goal or two.

He was drinking heavily by then and Beckenbauer came over to rescue him.

Otherwise I’m pretty sure he would have been dead years ago.

Myles says:

Can only remember seeing Gerd Muller play once: Real Madrid in Munich.

Muller was the only Bayern player not to warm up.

But he scored both goals in a 2-0 victory and almost grabbed a third near the end.

I think the ref was Clive Thomas and he sent off winger Amancio for behaving like a baby.

That’s what I remember but it may not be correct.

Jan and I went for a holiday in Fort Lauderdale without knowing about the Spring Break, when college students in their thousands arrive from the MidWest and elsewhere. It was a year or three on from Saturday Night Fever and I remember dancing to a tight covers band playing Night Fever and Disco Inferno in a bar in the daytime.  It was fun but we’ve never danced in a bar in daylight since.

One day, when we were walking on the pavement, a car suddenly reversed out rapidly, just missing us. I swore loudly at the driver and was reprimanded by Mrs Palmer. She said I might get us shot if I did that again, so I kept my mouth shut for the rest of our time in Florida,