Gazidis says English football needs to learn from the USA!

From  Tom Connaughton :Americanization?

Dear Myles

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, we have Gazidis saying football in England needs to learn from the MLS?

Carry me out and bury me decent.

Good night,Vienna.

Myles says :

A lawyer is naturally concerned with governance.

And while  governance is  important, few believe that FFP will ever be enforced.

One of Ivan’s first comments on  the European transfer market, as I’m sure you’ll recall, was  “It’s like the Wild West over here.”

He is a 21st century corporate lawyer, so he would say that.

I’m old school, so I’d  say :This game is about players and  the only thing that matters in a football transfer is : Did we sign him?

My attitude is :”I don’t care who we have to talk to, I don’t care who we have to  pay, or what we have pay,  Let’s sign him!”

You either sign the player you need when you need him  – or somebody else signs him. If you sign the players  you need when you need them, you have a chance of winning trophies.

And winning trophies is what football is all about.

Arsenal’s sensible model keeps producing respectable failure.

Fourth is not a trophy.

And third is not a trophy either.