Expat Arsenal fan won’t sit next to tourists

From Andrew Rogers :Tourists


I totally agree with you about who watches Arsenal at Emirates.

I miss Highbury for the people.

After years of going to Highbury, we now live in USA so only have Red Membership, but I still get to watch at least two games a year.

I always use Ticket Exchange, then you sit among ticket holders and can enjoy the game, sing some songs, swear at the ref and jump up when something exciting happens. The couple of times I bought Red Member tickets, I was stuck among a group of Asian tourists clutching bags with a couple of hundred pounds of Arsenal gear sitting quietly watching the game.

No songs, no jumping out of their seats, they could have been watching Mamma Mia!

However, for AFC they are a better customer than me. I rarely buy a shirt, and never buy Arsenal knickers.

Keep writing Myles.