Arsenal Tickets – How to Find Tickets for The Emirates Stadium

No doubt every devoted Gooner has wondered how they can go about securing a seat at the magnificent Emirates Stadium.

Since its inauguration in 2006 fans from around the world have watched on the TV and just imagined being in that crowd, part of that atmosphere, cheering Saka on as he secures another goal for our beloved team.

Interestingly, the move from Highbury to Emirates by at the time Arsene Wenger’s squad was to accommodate the increasing number of fans wanting to see the likes of Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas in action. While the team’s stars have evolved over the years, the fervour for Arsenal’s Premier League and Champions League matches remains just as intense as it has ever been.

The stadium, home to Arsenal fans for several seasons, feels more familial than ever before and this is why more than an estimated 74,000 people in the UK are searching for ‘Arsenal tickets’ each and every month.

The Emirates Stadium boasts a capacity of 60,000, but Arsenal’s home games are known for their energy and entertainment value, so there are never any tickets going spare.

To be in with a chance of being part of the Ashburton Army and chanting ‘North London Forever’, follow our definitive guide to securing those most sought after tickets.

Purchasing Tickets for The Emirates Stadium
Arsenal tickets can generally be procured directly from the Arsenal Box Office or, failing that, on the secondary marketplace providing you can find a trusted seller.

The best Arsenal tickets typically go on sale about two months before a fixture however, due to potential shifts in Premier League schedules, the dates can be tentative. Notably, for a few early-season games and all cup competition matches, tickets will be available closer to the actual game day.

This doesn’t make securing tickets any easier but at least you know that you need to be on your toes to get any tickets which become available should the dates change and people no longer be able to attend.

Arsenal tickets occasionally go on general sale (especially for women’s games) through the official club, but obtaining a club membership drastically improves your chances of securing tickets to the more sought after matches.

In case you weren’t aware, Arsenal offers a tiered membership system. Red membership, for example, provides access to 3,500 general admission seats for every Premier League match.

The club has implemented a nice system where, over time, Red members can ascend to Silver and then to Gold tiers. Gold members get the first pick on tickets, followed by Silver and then Red members. If a Gold member opts out, a Silver member might get the chance to move up, and the same applies from Red to Silver.

You may also wish to know that there are memberships tailored for younger fans called “Junior Gunners”, which transition to an adult membership post age 18. For disabled fans, there’s also the Purple membership.

Do I Need an Arsenal Membership to Secure Tickets?

Well, yes. At least you do need a membership to secure tickets through the official channel (excluding the general sales which come up every now and then).

However, if you don’t have a membership you do have the option to seek out tickets on the secondary marketplace.

While Arsenal membership does have added benefits like access to Arsenal’s online video service, ticket transfer and exchange options (and a position on the Season Ticket Waiting List Scheme), plenty of fans have enjoyed a great game by shopping on one of the many trusted ticket marketplaces active online.

How About Finding Away Game Tickets?
Away game tickets for Arsenal operate on a points system, available to Travel Club members and Season Ticket holders based on accumulated points. More details can be found on Arsenal’s official website.

Further to the information above, away game tickets can also be secured via the secondary marketplace. Just be careful where you order from and do your due diligence to avoid scams.

Does Buying Tickets for the Women’s Super League Differ in Any Way?
No, not really. Tickets for Arsenal women’s WSL matches can be directly purchased from Arsenal’s website. Many of these games are also up for general sale and you can get them without a membership if you act fast.

How Much Do Arsenal Tickets Cost?
The price you pay for your ticket will depend on several factors, like how high profile the game is and/or where you’re buying the ticket from, and tickets can range anywhere from £30 to hundreds of pounds.

You will also find that where you want to site and who Arsenal are playing on that day will determine how much the ticket ultimately costs.

If you are travelling far, do not discount the cost of getting to and from the match (especially if you’re coming from abroad).

What Are the Hospitality Options at The Emirates?
If you are looking for luxury then you are in luck. The Emirates does indeed offer a hospitality experience. Specifically, the Club Level tier is dedicated to this.

For a premium experience, you can either opt for a Platinum membership or choose individual packages available on Arsenal’s site.

Generally speaking, those looking to splash out on corporate and/or luxury packages will find that tickets are more readily available, assuming you have the cash to cover the additional costs involved.

Good Luck!

So there you have it. An overarching guide on how and where you can buy your Emirates tickets.

Best of luck getting tickets to the next big game, we hope to see you there.