Are you thankful Wenger is still around? Yes/No

Be thankful  that King Arsene is still around!

Many are, it’s true.

But few of those are in my Gooner circle.

The Highbury Arsenal was one kind of beast: quite small and respectable, looking backward more often that it looked forward.

David  Dein changed that and they hated him for it.

Now it’s an Amerikan corporate beast makes $$$ for Kroenke and £££££££££ for everyone on the staff payroll.

In USA they used to wipe your windscreen for free and say, “Have a nice day!”

That was upbeat and pleasant but maybe a bit happy-clappy and Disney.

At the Emirates, Delaware catering don’t always provide enough milk sachets for cups of tea at half-time despite the £2.20 price tag.

Would Delaware get with that insulting incomptence if they had a contract with Disney in USA?


You’ve probably read this Telegraph overview piece already.

Paul Hayward is a good guy and a fine sportswriter.