American Gooners remember Highbury too!

From Greg Lanier : enough!


Enough. No more slagging Americans.

Seriously, that song has gotten quite old.

Americans are NOT responsible for Arsene Wenger.

We are not responsible for Arsenal not performing to the high level that fans from ALL over, NOT just English fans, are used to.

American Arsenal fans don’t like what’s going on anymore than you do. You think I like seeing how empty the stadium looks?

You think we don’t remember Highbury? You think we don’t remember Adams, Dixon, Lee, and Winterburn? We remember too!

What about Stan? You think we are big fans of Stan just because he’s American?

I know several of us that let out a collective groan when that happened.

I think the bigger reason there’s such an outcry is because of the globalization of English league. Well, you know what?

You’re just going to have to get over that.

The world has caught on to the English League, and we love it too! Instead of hating what’s happening, you need to learn to embrace it. Either way, you can’t shut us out anymore. Football is something that should be enjoyed by all!

I have been following Arsenal for over 20 years, and I’m 38.

I know my club. I love my club. There are many instances when I encounter fans from England and know more than them.

So stop with the American slagging thing.

It’s really quite annoying and very insulting.

Myles says:

You enjoyed that rant, Greg,.

I’m glad you got  that off your chest

I  wholly embrace the notion  that American businessmen should operate on all five continents and use industrial espionage across every time-zone on our planet.

They’re not all monsters.

One of my Chelsea-supporting friends says, “Kroenke’s probably waiting for the EPL draft picks to start.”