200 years later,Wenger creates Arsenalstein

From Sverrir Audunsson :

It is  almost 200 years since Mary Shelley first published Frankenstein but the premises of the book is currently alive and performing at the Emirates.

In the book, Victor Frankenstein had a vision of using his scientific genius to create a creature of beauty unbeknown to mankind.

Countless hours and dedication by Frankenstein went in to the making of this being. However, once the being was near completion, a dose of harsh reality was bestowed upon Frankenstein. His being was too big, its beauty non-existent and, Frankenstein, utterly disappointed of seeing his vision not match his performance decided to walk away.

At the Emirates, Arsene Wenger has been at the helm of local production called Arsenalstein.

Arsenalstein is an ideology of a scientific genius who has  has forsaken all logical footballing decisions in order to complete his vision of creating the most profitable, beautiful brand of football never before witnesses by man.

To be fair to Wenger, in the early stages of Arsenalstein, his vision seemed destined for greatness as some of the most magical and awe inspiring football was being displayed at Highbury. But the vision began slowly overtaking Wenger, and  he began tinkering with all facets of Arsenalstein, even finding a new laboratory at the Emirates in order to hone his vision.

Today, Arsenalstein has become too obsessed with profit, its beauty has become non-existent, and   parts are performing as if they are dead, like the parts Frankenstein used to create his being.

Arsenalstein no longer matches Wenger ´s vision, so a generation of Gunners are now running away from Arsenalstein.

Wenger, like Frankenstein before him, must walk away.